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Green anarchism

Green anarchism is a branch of anarchism that focuses on the ecological and environmental[?] aspects of that philosophy - and means of ensuring human respect for ecology, e.g. a limited deliberative democracy with some respect for the rights of an ecoregion or species to exist, and some acceptance of feminism. Adherents often join Green parties and argue for de-centralization, one of the Green's Ten Key Values but not one of the original Four Pillars of the Green Party. Usually the use of a capital 'G' indicates some agreement with those parties and their values, and the use of a lowercase 'g' implies a 'small-g' or 'low-overhead' implementation of those ideals.

Green anarchism is often confused with primitivism or the less extreme eco-anarchism which advocates small-scale eco-villages. However, not all green anarchists advocate a return to primitive styles of life; many support the use of advanced technology in an ecologically friendly way, and do not see an inherent conflict between human technology and biodiversity. Some are cyberpunks[?] who exploit technology heavily, or Viridian Greens who see advantages in certain technologies, allowing the human species to transform itself into something more ecologically compatible.

For a while the principle voice in the UK advocating an explicit fusion of libertarian socialist and ecological thinking was the magazine Green Anarchist, although such ideas had arguably been co-sympathetic for decades if not generations beforehand.

See also: green economics, green parties, eco-anarchism

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