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Spetsnaz GRU = spetsialnoye nazranie (troops of special purpose), Glavnoe Razvadivatal Upravlanie. For the most part, the GRU is still operational, however, due to changes in history and the demise of the USSR there core services, the members of the original team were scattered throughout different areas of the millitary. With a few units of the GRU being attached to the goverment carrying out special assignments.

During the cold war, the GRU was the most elite of the special forces, and one of their main purposes was to go in from behind carry out recon, and eliminate all enemy forces they come in contact with. They are trained to take out the enemy without them even knowing what has happened to them. The able to use every and anything as a weapon. They are usually equipped with a number of knives, both throwing and otherwise, a 5.45mm AK 47 machine gun and a 5.45mm automatic pistol, while at the same time being deadly in hand to hand combat.

SPETSNAZ FSB Spetsnaz gruppa Al'Fa = special group A Spetsnaz gruppa Vega or Vympel = special group B (once known to be the KGB assasination team, now mainly responsible for hostage rescue.

Others would also include oman - black berets grom - thunder spetsnaz UIN - Management on performace of punishment. Federal"nai sluzhba bezopasnosti - federal security service.




    • (MOST ELITE).
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