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Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid (hyperuricemia[?]) . This is deposited as crystals in, usually, the ball of one foot (the first toe knuckle). The gout may attack the right foot, and the next time attack the left foot. The sufferer is unable to rapidly change the amount of weight borne by the affected toe, with the result that he hops on the other foot, walks on the fifth toe, drags the affected foot, or crawls.

An attack of acute gout is treated with colchicine[?] (from the autumn crocus) or with high dosed potent NSAIDs. Aspirin is contraindicated. Treatment in attack free periods consists of low purine diet and drugs used to lower plasma concentration of uric acid so called uricosuric drugs - primarily, allopurinol. Uricosuric drugs should never be initiated during an acute attack therefore colchicine or NSAIDs are used prophylactically until hyperuricemia has been corrected. Colchicine acts quickly and effectively but can also have toxic side-effects.

One of the most famous sufferers of gout is Henry VIII.

Low Purine Diet :

  • Cherries have been shown to reduce uric acid
  • strawberries are also reputed to be beneficial
  • avoid foods high in purines, that is from protein sources
  • Limit meats to one serving a day

  • Avoid dehydration:
    • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, to dilute and assist excrection of urates;
    • Drink alcohol sparingly, never to the point where you wake up thirsty.
    • Use diuretic foods or medicines like aspirin, Vitamin C, tea and alcohol sparingly.

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