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Genesis (band)

Genesis is a progressive rock group that was formed in the late 1960s and enjoyed considerable success in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.


Concert musicians:

Anthony Phillips[?] left the band in 1968 over disagreements about a change in the direction of Genesis' music, which would become evident with the release of Trespass. Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975. After considering various replacement lead singers, they settled on using their drummer, Phil Collins, thus changing from a 5-piece group to a 4-piece and yet again changing Genesis' musical direction. When Steve Hackett[?] left in 1977, Mike Rutherford[?] took over his guitar duties, making the group a 3-piece (Collins, Banks, Rutherford). This remained the line-up until Collins left in 1996, to be replaced by Ray Wilson, who was not readily accepted by fans and remained for only a single album. The group still nominally exists with the long-standing Collins, Banks, Rutherford line-up, but is "resting" and has not produced any new music.

Discography (studio albums)

  • 1967 in music From Genesis to Revelation (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Phillips, Silver)
  • 1970 in music Trespass (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Phillips, Mayhew)
  • 1971 in music Nursery Cryme (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1972 in music Foxtrot (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1973 in music Selling England by the Pound (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1974 in music The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1975 in music Voyage of the Acoyte was nominally a Steve Hackett solo project, but is regarded by some as a quasi-Genesis album; it features Hackett, Rutherford and Collins in addition to John Hackett[?] (flute, ARP synthesizer, bells); Nigel Warren-Green[?] (cello); Robin Miller[?] (oboe, cor anglais); John Acock[?] (Mellotron, harmonium, piano) John Gustafson (bass) and Sally Oldfield[?] (vocals).
  • 1976 in music A Trick of the Tail (Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1976 in music Wind and Wuthering (Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins)
  • 1978 in music And Then There Were Three (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 197? Three Sides Live (a double album, of which 1 LP side contains studio tracks)
  • 1980 in music Duke (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 1981 in music Abacab (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 1983 in music Genesis (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 1986 in music Invisible Touch (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 1991 in music We Can't Dance (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)
  • 1997 in music Calling All Stations (Banks, Rutherford, Wilson)

Notable live recordings and compilations:

  • Genesis Live
  • Seconds Out
  • In the early 1980s, Gabriel and Hackett performed with Genesis at a two-day reunion concert, which has been widely bootlegged.
  • 1998 in music Genesis Archive - 1967-1975 - The Gabriel Years (4-CD box set compilation of live and rare material)
  • 2000 in music Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (3-CD box set compilation of live and rare material)

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