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Ge'ez language

The Ge'ez language is an ancient Ethiopian language still used by the Ethiopian Church and the Beta Israel Jewish community of Ethiopia for their scriptures and liturgy.

The word Ge'ez is also applied to the syllabary which is used to write the language. Amharic in Ethiopia and Tigrigna in Eritrea use modified forms of the Ge'ez syllabary. Other languages in the Horn of Africa were also historically written using Ge'ez, such as Oromo and Somali[?], but these have generally migrated to Latin-based orthographies.

Ge'ez (or "Ethiopic") has been assigned Unicode codepoints U+1200 U+137F (decimal 46084991).

External links

  • A chart (http://syllabary.sourceforge.net/Ethiopic/Geez) correlating IPA values to the Ge'ez syllabary symbols.
  • A chart (http://www.ancientscripts.com/ethiopic) of the Ge'ez syllabary.
  • Unicode assignments (http://www.hclrss.demon.co.uk/unicode/ethiopic) for Ethiopic characters.

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