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1. Galicia (Galego: Galiza, Spanish: Galicia) is an autonomous community in the northwest of Spain (pop. approx. 2,8 milion).

Historically, Galicia is heir to the Roman Gallaecia which included parts of what is today western Castile and northern Portugal.

The community's own language is Galizan, or galego. Spanish is the socially dominant language.

Main cities include Vigo[?], A Coruna[?], Pontevedra[?], Lugo[?], Ferrol[?], Ourense[?], and Santiago de Compostela, the capital.

Galicia is divided in four provinces: A Coruña, Ourense, Pontevedra, and Lugo.

Galicia's inhabitants are called galegos, a name which is still also used in northern Portugal.

2. Galicia is a former region of southern Poland and (1772-1918) Austria, divided (1918-20 and since 1945) between Poland and Ukraine. Krakow was included from 1846 following its annexation by Austria.

Languages: Polish (in the west); Ukrainian (in the east).

Principal cities: Lviv (formerly Lvov, Lwow, Lemberg); Krakow.

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