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Friesland (district)

Friesland is a Kreis (district) in the northwestern part of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated at the coast of the North Sea. Area 607 km², population 101,100 (2001). The district's capital is Jever[?].

In the east the district is bounded by the Jadebusen, a shallow bay of the North Sea. The city of Wilhelmshaven is enclosed by, but not belonging to the district. The island of Wangerooge[?], belonging to the East Frisian Islands, is also a part of Friesland.

The inhabitants of Friesland insist, that they are not a part of Ostfriesland ("Eastern Frisia"). This is somewhat confusing, as Friesland is situated east of Ostfriesland. Anyhow, geographers regard Friesland as a part of Eastern Frisia. The distinction has historical reasons: Friesland was an independent state from 1438 to 1575, ruled by chieftains. Then and afterwards the region bore the name "Friesland", although this is also the German name for entire Frisia.

There are only two noteworthy towns within the district: Jever[?] and Varel[?].

See also Friesland, Netherlands.

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