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In most of the West, the term free world refers to the set of countries which impose few significant restrictions on citizens and visitors. Each of these countries, for example, permits its citizens to move around within their borders or even leave their territory altogether, i.e., without having to get permission first. This is in contrast with so-called Iron Curtain countries and other dictatorships which impose internal travel restrictions or restrict overseas and emigration
Richard Stallman and the free software movement use the term Free World to describe the set of software, people, commercial/non-profit companies, that adhere to the 4 basic freedoms of free software.

So they for example speak of the Free World (note the capital letters) when they refer to a GNU/Linux distribution composed only of free software (Debian GNU/Linux used to be such distribution, and its "main" packages still constitute one), and they say that for example some free application that use non-free libraries can't be run in a Free World, since in a Free World these non-free libraries don't exist.

In a broader sense, lawyers for example are said to live in a Free World, because they have the freedom to study, modify and freely redistribute legal knowledge, decisions and strategies.

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