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Foxes are small dog-like mammals in the Canidae family.

Red Fox
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It includes the genus Vulpes and several others. V. vulpes is the world-wide Red Fox, often taken to be the fox.

Foxes are not pack-hunting animals, but are solitary hunters that encroach on each others' territories usually only during the mating season.

Foxes include members of the following genera:

  • Vulpes ("foxes" sensu stricto, ten species)
  • Alopex (Arctic Fox)
  • Fennecus (Fennec)
  • Urocyon (gray foxes, two species)
  • Lycalopex (Hoary Fox[?])
  • Pseudalopex (South American foxes, four species)
  • Dusicyon (Falkland Island Fox)
  • Cerdocyon (Crab-eating Fox[?])

The term fox does not include dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals who are members of the genus Canis.

In some countries foxes are a serious pest. In Australia, for example, feral[?] Red Foxes are probably the single most harmful invasive animal, being responsible for more extinctions than even cats and rabbits. Ironically, certain varieties of fox in other parts of the world are an endangered species.

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In Western culture, the fox is an familiar animal of folklore for cunning. The species is also a popular animal for furry characters.

In Japanese culture, the kitsune (Japanese for fox) is a powerful form of animal spirit that is highly mischevious and cunning.

Fox is also a TV network; see Fox Network.
In computing, Fox is also a cross-platform GUI-toolkit; see Fox toolkit[?].

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