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Foosball is also known as Table Soccer, Table Football or Tournament Soccer.

A foosball table can vary in size, but is typically about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. The table usually contains 8 rows of soccer players, which are plastic or wooden figures mounted on horizontal bars. Each team controls 4 rows of figures, and teams of 1 or 2 human players compete to kick the plastic foosball into the opponent's goal.

The arrangement of foos-men is standard. Looking from left to right on one side of the table, you see:

  Row 1: Your goalie.  Usually 1 Foosman, but sometimes 3.
  Row 2: Your defense.  2 Foosmen.
  Row 3: Opponent's offense.  3 Foosmen.
  Row 4: Your midfield.  5 Foosmen.
  Row 5: Opponent's midfield.  5 Foosmen.
  Row 6: Your offense.  3 Foosmen.
  Row 7: Opponent's defense.  2 Foosmen.
  Row 8: Opponent's goalie.  Usually 1 foosman, but sometimes 3.

An official Foosball association has established rules for competition, but most informal foos games are played with "house" rules. The most well-adhered-to rule prohibits spinning your foosmen: your hand must maintain continuous contact with the handle. More minor (and maleable) rules include time limits, requisite number of passes before a goal, or restrictions on unintentional (uncalled) goals.

A winner is determined in foosball when one team scores a predetermined number of goals. The most common number of goals to win is 10. Often "win-by-2" rules are adopted, similar to a deuce in tennis.

Foosball strategy varies greatly. With teams of 1 human each, it is impossible for each person to control all 4 rows of foosmen simultaneously. Some players keep the left hand always on the goalie or defensemen and move the right hand among the other 3 rows. More aggressive players may take up an attack with the offense and midfield, leaving the goalie unattended.

A foosball may travel at speeds up to ?? mph in competition. The sport requires quick reflexes and fine motor control.

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