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Final Destination

Final Destination is a 2000 movie that was directed by James Wong IV[?].

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers.

Final Destination begins with a group of teenagers who are on a plane awaiting take-off on a class trip. One of them has a premonitional[?] dream that the plane is going to explode, and causes a commotion over it. He, along with a teacher and several students with whom he is arguing, is kicked off the plane. As they continue to argue in the lobby of the airport, they witness the plane's explosion outside.

The FBI investigate the circumstances, suspicious that the one student's premonitions have come true. Then, as these fortunate people continue to live their spared lives, they begin to meet grisley fates one by one. One student is decapitated by his wire shower curtain; another is mowed down by a bus.

Soon the students look into the situation. They use a computer simulation of the plane's explosion and notice that a piece of flaming debree would have ricocheted across the interiour of the plane and collided with all of their heads in a certain order, killing them. Suspectly, they order in which they have been dying matches the order in which they would have died on the plane.

They come to deduce that the spectre of Death is angry and has come to claim their souls. They discover that the only way they can thwart death is by dying out of that sequence. One of their lot attempts to sacrifice herself out of order, and it seemingly works. Luckily she is revived, and the deaths seem to stop.

The film was extremely violent and gorey, more-so than many of it's contemporary horror counterparts (like "Scream".) The film is riddled with images like exploding human heads and people being completely severed in half. The film was extremely popular, spawning a sequel called "Final Destination 2."


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