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Esslingen (district)

Adm. Region:Stuttgart
Area:641.57 km²
Inhabitants:507,606 (2002)
pop. density:791 inh./km²
Car identification:ES

Esslingen is a district (Kreis) in the middle of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise) Rems-Murr, Göppingen, Reutlingen, Böblingen and the district-free city Stuttgart.

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History The district dates back to the Oberamt Esslingen, which was created when the previously free imperial city Esslingen became part of Württemberg in 1803. After several changes over the next century it was converted into a district in 1938, and was enlarged by adding several municipalities from the neighboring Amtsoberamt Stuttgart, and the Oberamt Schorndorf, Kirchheim unter Teck and Göppingen.

In 1973 the district was merged with the district Nürtingen, in 1975 two municipalities from the distict Böblingen were added to give the district todays borders.

Geography The district is cut into two halves by the river Neckar. The west part is part of the Filder plain, while the east is part of the mountains of the Swabian Alb (Schwäbische Alb).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms show the imperial eagle taken from the coat of arms of the city Esslingen. The checkered diamonds in the bottom are the symbol of the Dukes of Teck, and the horn on the breast of the eagle is the symbol of the Counts of Urach. Both symbols were taken from the coat of arms of the district Nürtingen, as the two families played a mayor role in the history of the area.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Aichtal[?]
  2. Esslingen (Neckar)
  3. Filderstadt[?]
  4. Kirchheim (Teck)[?]
  5. Leinfelden-Echterdingen[?]
  6. Neuffen[?]
  7. Nürtingen[?]
  8. Ostfildern[?]
  9. Owen[?]
  10. Plochingen[?]
  11. Weilheim (Teck)[?]
  12. Wendlingen (Neckar)[?]
  13. Wernau (Neckar)[?]
  1. Kirchheim
  2. Lenningen
  3. Neckartenzlingen
  4. Neuffen
  5. Nürtingen
  6. Plochingen
  7. Reichenbach (Fils)
  8. Weilheim (Teck)
  9. Wendlingen (Neckar)
  1. Aichwald[?]
  2. Altbach[?]
  3. Altdorf (Nürtingen)[?]
  4. Altenriet[?]
  5. Baltmannsweiler[?]
  6. Bempflingen[?]
  7. Beuren[?]
  8. Bissingen (Teck)[?]
  9. Deizisau[?]
  10. Denkendorf[?]
  11. Dettingen (Teck)[?]
  12. Erkenbrechtsweiler[?]
  13. Frickenhausen[?]
  14. Großbettlingen[?]
  15. Hochdorf (Plochingen)[?]
  16. Holzmaden[?]

  1. Kohlberg[?]
  2. Köngen[?]
  3. Lenningen[?]
  4. Lichtenwald[?]
  5. Neckartailfingen[?]
  6. Neckartenzlingen[?]
  7. Neidlingen[?]
  8. Neuhausen (Fildern)[?]
  9. Notzingen[?]
  10. Oberboihingen[?]
  11. Ohmden[?]
  12. Reichenbach (Fils)[?]
  13. Schlaitdorf[?]
  14. Unterensingen[?]
  15. Wolfschlugen[?]

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