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  • Ephedra alata
  • Ephedra altissima
  • Ephedra americana
    • syn. Ephedra andina
  • Ephedra distachya
    • syns Ephedra gerardiana, Ephedra vulgaris, Ephedra helvetica
  • Ephedra equisetina
  • Ephedra fragilis
    • syn. Ephedra altissima
  • Ephedra gracilis
  • Ephedra major
    • syns Ephedra nebrodensis, Ephedra scoparia, Ephedra procera
  • Ephedra nevadensis
  • Ephedra pachyclada
  • Ephedra sinica Stapf
    • syns Ephedra flava, Ephedra ma-huang
  • Ephedra triandra
  • Ephedra tweediana

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