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Enough is a 2002 Hollywood movie. It could be argued that the movie is an attempt to demonstrate shortcomings in the law when it comes down to protecting victims of domestic violence.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers.

Enough starts when a man, Mitch, goes to a diner and defends a waitress, Slim, from a guy who had said some obscene comments to her. Eventually, Mitch and Slim fall in love. They get married, and eventually, they have a baby girl, named Gracie. Mitch is a rich and powerful man, however, and soon, Slim begins to discover a dark side to him. Mitch believes that his money and power will give him anything he wants, and he believes that men are stronger than women. He starts to abuse Slim, beating her with his fist and threatening to kill her. When she goes to the cops for help, she finds out that the best thing cops can do on these cases is leave the crime committers in jail for a short period of time and let them go. Moreover, she finds out that if she accusses him, she faces the probability of losing her daughter to state family protection programs.

Eventually, Slim and Gracie are able to escape to Seattle, where she meets with her former boyfriend, Joe. However, Mitch has more connections than Slim imagined: It turned out that Mitch had a friend at the LAPD, that being the same man that had made the improper comments to Slim at the diner. Mitch and his friend scammed women into each other's laps by doing the same trick, over and over, and Mitch had several mistresses. Through his contacts, Mitch is able to find about Joes residence and has three men go there to search for Slim and Gracie. He also makes it impossible for her to use their credit cards. Slim and Gracie stay at a motel, but he finds them there, and follows them to the motel. They get away when they leave through their room's backdoor and are able to board a public bus.

Slim and Gracie then go on a trip accross the country, trying to find safety. But they are once again tracked down when they reach Michigan, and, after getting away, Slim decides to send over Gracie to her friend from the diner, Ginny, for one month while she trains to be able to fight Mitch. Then, a training scene proceeds.

After Slim has trained, she goes to her former house, where she spends most of her day getting rid of objects that could be used as arms and taking off power lines and other things. When Mitch arrives at home later that day, Slim and Mitch are involved in a violent fight, but this time, Slim, better prepared and stronger both mentally and physically, beats Mitch up. Ginny, who had called Slim on her cellular phone as the fight was going, had called the 911 emergency service[?], and the police arrived, arresting Mitch.


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