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Elvish language

An elvish language is a constructed language used typically by elves in a fantasy setting.

Elvish Languages of Middle-earth The following languages were created by author J. R. R. Tolkien to complement his book The Lord of the Rings. His interest was primarily linguistic and he said his stories grew out of his languages.

  • Tolkien also created the Tengwar script for his languages.


Both Sindarin and Quenya have the same pronunciation, which differs significantly from the English.
  • Vowels are pronounced the same, regardless of context. For instance, in Oromë, the pronunciation of the second 'o' is not affected by the presence of the final e. (This is not a very good illustration, because the umlaut over the e demands the same pronunciation.)
    • Adjacent vowels are pronounced distinctly; for example, Nienor is pronounced nee-en-or, not nee-nor.

  • The letter c is always pronounced like the letter k; for instance, Celeborn is pronounced Keleborn.
  • The letter g is never pronounced in the soft form, as in giant. For instance, Region[?] is pronounced unlike the English word region.
  • The letter r is lightly trilled, as in the Spanish.
  • The dipthong[?] dh, as in Caradhras, is prounounced like the th in this.

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