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Eisenhower and German POWs

General Eisenhower and the German Prisoner of War Camps

Accusation of genocide

According to Canadian novelist James Bacque and various Web sites devoted to historical revisionism, hundreds of thousands or millions of German POWs died of starvation or exposure while held in post-war internment camps. However no professional historian has confirmed these deaths and Bacque's scholarship is often critized.

Bacque charges that hundreds of thousands of German POWs who entered the camps were not transfered out and so the must have died. The fact that Red Cross food aid was returned and soldiers were kept on short rations are seen by Bacque as the method of the genocide.

Defense of Eisenhower

In a New York Times book review, Stephen Ambrose retorted:
Mr. Bacque is wrong on every major charge and nearly all his minor ones. Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe food shortage in 1945, there was nothing sinister or secret about the "disarmed enemy forces" designation or about the column "other losses." Mr. Bacque's "missing million" were old men and young boys in the militia. (source) (http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/b/bacque-james/ambrose-001)

Several historians rebutting Bacque have explained that the missing POWs simply went home, that Red Cross food aid was sent to displaced civilians and that German POWs were fed the same rations that the US Army was providing to the civilian population.


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