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Eight Immortals Indulged in Wine

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This article is about one of the less famous set of Eight Immortals. For the most popular set of "Eight Immortals", see Eight Immortals, which also contains a list of other sets of Eight Immortals.

The Eight Immortals Indulged in Wine (酒中八仙 in pinyin: jiu3 zhong1 ba1 xian1) are Tang Dynasty scholars who like to drink. They are not deified. The term is used by Du Fu[?] in his poem. It is also used in the biography of Li Bo in New Tang Book (新唐書).

They are:

  • Li Bo,
  • Cui Zongzhi (崔宗之 cui1 zong1 zhi1),
  • He Zhizhang (賀知章 he4 zhi1 zhang1),
  • Jiao Sui (焦遂 jiao1 sui4),
  • Li Shizhi (李適之 li3 shi4 zhi),
  • Su Jin (蘇晉 su1 jin4),
  • Wang Jin (王璡 wang2 jin4), and
  • Zhang Xu (張旭 zhang1 xu4).

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