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Earth Girls Are Easy

Earth Girls Are Easy is the name of an American comedy/musical film made in 1988. It starred Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum[?], Michael McKean, Julie Brown and as-of-then unheard-of comedians Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans[?].

Davis plays Valerie, a somewhat dipsy valley girl manicurist[?] who works for the Curl Up & Dye hair salon. When she feels her fiance Ted is slipping away from her, she attempts to seduce him with a new look; instead she catches him cheating on her. The day after throwing him out, she is sunbathing by her pool when an alien ship crash lands in it. Not knowing what to do, she takes them to her best friend Candy (Brown, who also co-wrote and co-produced.) After shaving off the alien's fur, they turn out to be - surprise! - incredibly hunky looking men.

The three aliens (Carrey as Wiploc, Wayans as Zeebo, and Goldblum as Mac) absorb human culture through ten minutes of television, and Valerie takes them out into the human world. Predictable social blunders ensue. Soon Valerie is in love with studly Mac, and after a night of lovemaking she decides to abandon her valley life in favor of space travel with her hunky new alien lover.

The film was fairly popular at the time of it's release due largely in part to the inclusion on the soundtrack of the Julie Brown hit song "'Cause I'm a Blonde." The film was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award[?] (Best Cinematography) and in International Fantasy Film Award[?] (Best Film.) Adult actress Angelyne was nominated for a Razzie[?] Award for her very brief appearance as a woman at a gas station.

Brown also penned a song by the same name as the film; it was a send-up of "Bye Bye Birdie" style love songs wherein girls sit around in their pajams and gossip about their new boyfriends. Sample lyrics:

Girls: Is it true what they say about Julie? There she is, let's ask her... Julie, did you really go out with an alien?
Julie: Uh huh.
Girls: What was it like?
Julie: Real different.
Girls: By the way, where'd you meet him?
Julie: I was nude sunbathing on my patio/and he was checking me out from his UFO/Guess he couldn't 'cause he lost his cool/crash landed in my swimming pool"

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