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Duke of Aquitaine

[Note : The Roman numerals after the names indicate which duke of that name they were and are not necessarily the same as their ordinals for their other titles.]

The persons who held the title of Duke of Aquitaine (which became part of France in 1449 but was an independent duchy before then), with the years they held it, were:

  • Ranulf I, Count of Poitiers (841-867)
  • Ranulf II, Count of Poitiers (867-890)
  • Ebalus the Bastard (or Ebles Manzer), Count of Poitiers (890-893)
  • William I the Pious, Count of Auvergne (893-918)
  • William II, Count of Auvergne (918-926)
  • Alfred, Count of Auvergne (926-927)
  • William III, Count of Poitiers (935-963)
  • William IV, Iron Arm (963-995)
  • William V, the Great (995-1030)
  • William VI, the Fat (1030-1038)
  • Odo (or Otto) (1038-1039)
  • William VII, the Eagle (1039-1058)
  • William VIII, Count of Gascony (1058-1086)
  • William IX, the Troubador (1086-1127)
  • William X, the Toulousan (1127-1137)
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine (1137)
  • Louis, King of France (1137-1152)
  • Henry I, King of England (1152-1172)
  • Richard I, King of England (1172-1199)
  • John I, King of England (1199-1216)
  • Henry II, King of England (1216-1254)
  • Edward I, King of England (1254-1306)
  • Edward II, King of England (1306-1325)
  • Edward III, King of England (1325-1362)
  • Edward IV, Prince of Wales (1362-1375)
  • Richard II, King of England (1377-1390)
  • John II, Duke of Lancaster (1390-1399)
  • Henry III, King of England (1399-1422)
  • Henry IV, King of England (1422-1449)

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