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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Suborder Archidiptera
Infraorder Nymphomyiomorpha
Infraorder Dictyodipteromorpha extinct
 Superfamily Dictyodipteridea
   Dictyodipteridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Hyperpolyneuridea
   Hyperpolyneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Dyspolyneuridea
   Dyspolyneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
Infraorder Diplopolyneuromorpha extinct
   Diplopolyneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
Suborder Eudiptera
Infraorder Deuterophlebiomorpha
Infraorder Blephariceromorpha
Infraorder Tipulomorpha
 Superfamily Eopolyneuridea extinct
   Eopolyneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
   Musidoromimidae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Tipulodictyidea extinct
   Tipulodictyidae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Tanyderophryneidea extinct
   Tanyderophryneidae[?] - (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Pachyneuridea
 Superfamily Tipulidea
   Architipulidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   ...(Pan Jurassic)
   Eolimnobiidae[?] extinct (Lower Jurassic)
   Tipulidae - Crane flies
 Superfamily Eoptychopteridea extinct
   Eoptychopteridae[?] - (Lower Jurassic)
 Superfamily Psychodidea
 Superfamily Culicidea
   Asiochaoboridae[?] extinct (Upper Jurassic)
   Culicidae[?] - Mosquitos
 Superfamily Dixidea
   Dixamimidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Chironomidea
   Architendipedidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   Protendipedidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Simuliidae[?] - Black flies
 Superfamily Mesophantasmatidea extinct
   Mesophantasmatidae[?] - (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Orphnephilidea
 Superfamily Rhaetomyiidea
   Rhaetomyiidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
Infraorder Bibionomorpha
 Superfamily Pleciodictyidea extinct
   Pleciodictyidae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Protoligoneuridea extinct
   Protoligoneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Bolitophilidea
 Superfamily Fungivoridea
   Pleciofungivoridae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   ...(Lower and Middle Jurassic)
   Palaeopleciidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   Pleciomimidae[?] extinct
   ... (Lower and Middle Jurassic)
   Archizelmiridae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Fungivoritidae[?] extinct
   ...(Middle and Upper Jurassic)
   Tipulopleciidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Sinemediidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Cecidomyiidea
 Superfamily Scatopsidea
   Protoscatopsidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Bibionidea
   Eopleciidae[?] extinct (Lower Jurassic)
   Protopleciidae[?] extinct (Pan Jurassic)
   Paraxymyiidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Protobibionidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Phragmoligoneuridea extinct
   Phragmoligoneuridae[?] - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Rhyphidea
   Oligophryneidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   Protorhyphidae[?] extinct (Upper Triassic)
   ...(Lower and Middle Jurassic)
Infraorder Asilomorpha
 Superfamily Tabanidea
   Eostratiomyiidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Rhagionempididae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Stratiomyiidea
   Protobrachycerontidae[?] extinct (Lower Jurassic)
   Archisargidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Palaeostratiomyiidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Eomyiidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Protocyrtidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Asilidea
   Protomphralidae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)
 Superfamily Bombyliidea
 Superfamily Empididea
Infraorder Musidoromorpha
Infraorder Phoromorpha
Infraorder Termitoxeniomorpha
Infraorder Myiomorpha
 Superfamily Platypezidea
 Superfamily Syrphidea
 Superfamily Conopoidea
 Superfamily Tephritoidea
 Superfamily Nerioidea
 Superfamily Diopsoidea
 Superfamily Sciomyzoidea
 Superfamily Sphaeroceroidea
 Superfamily Lauxanioidea
 Superfamily Opomyzoidea
 Superfamily Ephydroidea
 Superfamily Carnoidea
 Superfamily Gastrophilidea
 Superfamily Anthomyiidea
 Superfamily Muscidea
 Superfamily Sarcophagidea
 Superfamily Oestridea
 Superfamily Tachinidea
 Superfamily Glossinidea
 Superfamily Hippoboscidea
 Superfamily Streblomorpha
 Superfamily Nycteribiomorpha

Family incertae sedis
   Palaeophoridae[?] extinct (Middle Jurassic)



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Synonyms and common names Flies, mosquitoes

References http://www.nearctica.com/nomina/diptera/diptera.htm
as of 2003-06-17
as of 2003-06-17 In the taxobox those that are included in this site have been marked with a
http://hbs.bishopmuseum.org/fossilcat/ for fossil diptera
as of 2003-06-17

Text Diptera are insects in which the hind wings are reduced to halteres.

Children The taxobox at right is based on the book The Historical Development of Diptera by Borris Rohdendorf.

Families in the list below marked with a plus sign are extinct. NOTE:duplicated names have been moved to the taxobox. Reconciliation of the names remaining below is in progress, but many are likely synonyms.

Other invalid names

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