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Desmond Morris

Desmond Morris (born 1928) is most famous for his work as a zoologist. He first came to attention in the 1960s as a presenter of ITV television's Zoo Time[?]. His studies focus on animal and human behaviour, explained from a zoological point of view. He has written a number of books and produced a number of television shows. His examination of humans from a bluntly zoological point of view has attracted controversy.


  • The Naked Ape (1967) - an unabashed look at the human species. The book is notable for its focus on humanity's animal-like qualities and our similarity with apes. Reprinted many times and in many languages, it continues to be a best-seller.
  • The Human Zoo (1969) - a further, deeper look into mankind and his animal roots.
  • Intimate Behaviour (1971)
  • Manwatching (1977) reprinted as Peoplewatching (2002)
  • Catwatching (1986) - a study of one of the most popular of household pets across the centuries.
  • Dogwatching (1986) - an in-depth study of "man's best friend".
  • Babywatching (1991)
  • The Naked Eye (2001)

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  • His official site (http://www.desmond-morris.com) contains more information and a complete biography.

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