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Deep Throat

Deep Throat, named in homage to the movie, was the name given to the secret informant who leaked information about United States President Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal that saw the president resign and White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman (1926-1993) and presidential adviser on domestic affairs, John Ehrlichman[?] (1925-1999) serve prison terms. Four people are said to know the identity of Deep Throat: Robert Woodward[?] and Carl Bernstein[?], the Washington Post investigative reporters he was giving information to; Ben Bradlee[?], their executive editor; and Deep Throat himself.

Over the years, there have been a number of hints and guesses as to the identity of Deep Throat. Woodward has stated that Deep Throat is an actual person and not a composite, and that he has agreed that his identity will be revealed upon his death, which implies that Deep Throat is still alive. It has also been proposed that "Deep Throat" is a literary device rather than an actual person. Alexander Haig was a popular suspect for being Deep Throat, but this has been denied by both Haig and Woodward. Other candidates have included Henry Kissinger, CIA officials Cord Meyer or William Colby[?], and FBI officials L. Patrick Gray, W. Mark Felt, Charles W. Bates, Robert Kunkel, and then Nixon advisor Patrick Buchanan. In April of 2003 White House lawyer Fred Fielding[?] (assistant to John Dean) was alleged to be Deep Throat. [1] (http://media.guardian.co.uk/presspublishing/story/0,7495,942940,00?=rss)

Deep Throat was a pornographic movie released in 1972, written and directed by Gerard Damiano[?] and starring Linda Lovelace. It was one of the first porn movies shot on 35mm film, the first to be widely shown in theatres and the most successful porn movie ever, grossing about $600 million. The title refers to a particular technique of oral sex depicted in the movie.

In her biography, Linda Lovelace (real name Linda Boreman) charges that she was forced to perform by her husband and that she never received any payment for it.

Deep Throat is also the name of a fictional character in the television series The X-Files. The character, who was one of the protagonists' sources of classified information, was named after the Watergate Deep Throat.

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