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An extermination camp (also called death camp or death factory) was a kind of concentration camp set up by Nazi Germany during World War II for the express purpose of killing Jews and other groups which were considered undesirable by the Nazi government. This was part of the Holocaust; the systematic murder of all Jews was termed the "final solution" (Endlösung) in Germany.

Unlike concentration camps such as Dachau and slave labor camps, where there were horrendous death rates as a byproduct of starvation and ill treatment, the extermination camps were designed specifically for the elimination of persons through gas chambers or other means.

All six German extermination camps were built in occupied Poland. They were

The Croat Ustaše puppet regime also operated an extermination camp at Jasenovac

Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor were constructed during Operation Reinhard.

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