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Dauphine Alps

The chief peaks of the Dauphine Alps, from the Col du Galibier, westwards and southwards, are:
Pointe des Ecrins 4103 meters(13,462 feet)
Pic Felix Neff 3222 meters(10,571 feet)
Meije 3987 meters(13,081 feet)
Vieux Chaillol 3163 meters(10,378 feet)
Ailefroide 3959 meters(12,989 feet)
Tete de Vautisse 3162 meters(10,375 feet)
Mont Pelvoux 3954 meters(12,973 feet)
Grand Pinier 3120 meters(10,237 feet)
Pic Sans Nom 3915 meters(12,845 feet)
Pic de Parieres 3050 meters(10,007 feet)
Pic Gaspard 3880 meters(12,730 feet)
Mourre Froid 2996 meters(9830 feet)
Pic Coolidge 3756 meters(12,323 feet)
Belledonne (highest) 2981 meters(9781 feet)
Grande Ruine 3754 meters(12,317 feet)
Rocherblanc (Septlaux) 2931 meters(9617 feet)
Rateau 3754 meters(12,317 feet)
Taillefer 2861 meters(9387 feet)
Montagne des Agneaux 3660 meters(12,008 feet)
Pic du Frene 2810 meters(9219 feet)
Les Bans 3651 meters(11,979 feet)
Tete de l'Obiou 2793 meters(9164 feet)
Sommet des Rouies 3634 meters(11,923 feet)
Grand Ferrand 2761 meters(9059 feet)
Aiguille du Plat 3602 meters(11,818 feet)
Pic de Bure (Aurouse) 2712 meters(8898 feet)
Pic d'Olan 3577 meters(11,735 feet)
Grand Veymont 2346 meters(7697 feet)
Pic Bonvoisin 3560 meters(11,680 feet)
Mont Aiguille 2097 meters(6880 feet)
Aiguilles d'Arves (highest point) 3514 meters(11,529 feet)
Chamechaude 2087 meters(6847 feet)
Grandes Rousses 3473 meters(11,395 feet)
Dent de Crolles 2066 meters(6779 feet)
Roche de la Muzelle 3459 meters(11,349 feet)
Grand Sore 2033 meters(6670 feet)
Sirac 3438 meters(11,280 feet)
Mont Granier 1938 meters(6358 feet)

Dent du Chat 1400 meters(4593 feet)

The chief passes of the Dauphine Alps, from the Col du Galibier, westwards and southwards, are:

Col de la Lauze (St Christophe to La Grave), snow 3543 meters(11,625 feet)
Col des Avalanches (La Berarde to Vallouise), snow 3511 meters(11,520 feet)
Col de la Casse Deserte (La Berarde to La Grave), snow 3510 meters(11,516 feet)
Col Emile Pic (La Grave to Vallouise), snow 3502 meters(11,490 feet)
Col des Ecrins (La Berarde to Vallouise), snow 3415 meters(11,205 feet)
Col du Glacier Blanc (La Grave to Vallouise), snow 3308 meters(10,854 feet)
Col du Sele (La Berarde to Vallouise), snow 3302 meters(10,834 feet)
Breche de la Meile (La Berarde to la Grave), snow 3300 meters(10,827 feet)
Col de la Temple (La Berarde to Vallouise), snow 3283 meters(10,772 feet)
Col des Aiguilles d'Arves (Valloire to St Jean d'Arvesl,snow 3150 meters(10,335 feet)
Col du Says (La Berarde to the Val Gaudemar), snow 3136 meters(10,289 feet)
Col du Clot des Cavales (La Berarde to La Grave), snow 3128 meters(10,263 feet)
Col du Loup du Valgaudemar (Vallouise to the Val Gaudemar), snow 3112 meters(10,210 feet)
Col Lombard (La Grave to St Jean d'Arves), snow 3100 meters(10,171 feet)
Breche des Grandes Rousses (Allemont to Clavans), snow 3100 meters(10,171 feet)
Col du Sellar (Vallouise to the Val Gaudemar), snow 3067 meters(10,063 feet)
Col de la Muande (St Christophe to the Val Gaudemar), snow 3059 meters(10,037 feet)
Col des Quirlies (St Jean d'Arves to Clavans), snow 2950 meters(9679 feet)
Col du Goleon (La Grave to Valloire), foot path 2880 meters(9449 feet)
Pas de la Cavale (Vallouise to Champoleon), carriage road 2740 meters(8990 feet)
Col d'Orcieres (Dormillouse to Orcieres), bridle path 2700 meters(8859 feet)
Col de l'Infernet (La Grave to St lean d'Arves), foot path 2690 meters(8826 feet)
Col du Galibier (Lautaret Hospice to St Michel de Maurienne), carriage road 2658 meters(8721 feet)
Breche de Valsenestre (Bourg d'Oisans to Valsenestre), foot path 2634 meters(8642 feet)
Col de Vallonpierre (Val Gaudemar to Champoleon), foot path 2620 meters(8596 feet)
Col de Val Estrete (same to same), foot path 2620 meters(8596 feet)
Col de Vaurze (Val Gaudemar to Val souflrey), foot path 2600 meters(8531 feet)
Col de Martignare (La Grave to St lean d'Arves), foot path 2600 meters(8531 feet)
Col des Tourettes (Orcieres to Chateauroux), bridle path 2580 meters(8465 feet)
Col de la Muzelle (St Christophe to Valsenestre), foot path 2500 meters(8202 feet)
Col de l'Eychauda (Vallouise to Monestier), bridle path 2429 meters(7970 feet)
Col d'Arsine (La Grave to Monestier), bridle path 2400 meters(7874 feet)
Col des Pres Nouveaux (Le Frenev to St Jean d'Arves), bridle path 2293 meters(7523 feet)
Col dessept Lanx (Allevard to Bourg d'Oisans), bridle path 2184 meters(7166 feet)
Col du Lautaret (Briancon to Bourg d'Oisans), carriage road 2075 meters(6808 feet)
Col de la Croix de Fer (Bourg d'Oisans to St Jean d'Arves), carriage road 2062 meters(6765 feet)
Col du Glandon (Bourg d'Oisans to La Chambre), carriage road 1951 meters(6401 feet)
Col de l'Alpe de Venose (Venose to Le Freney), bridle path 1660 meters(5446 feet)
Col d'Ornon (Bourg d'Oisans to La Mure), carrigae road 1360 meters(4462 feet)
Col Bayard (La Mure to Gap), carriage road 1246 meters(4088 feet)
Col de la Croix Haute (Grenoble to Veynes and Gap), railway line over 1167 meters(3829 feet)

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