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The cutlass was a sailor's weapon of choice. This curved bladed sword was also used by many foot solders and Mamelukes. Its curve gives it an upper hand in slicing. The cutlass is the sword usually portrayed in films about pirates.

A cutlass is a sword with a curved blade sharpened on the convex side.

In the age of sail, it was the sailor's weapon of choice when boarding an enemy ship or repelling boarders, and is thus frequently seen in films about pirates. It was also used by many foot soldiers and Mamelukes. Its curve gives it an upper hand in slicing.

The Cutlass[?] is also a type of automobile built by Oldsmobile.

The cutlass[?] is a type of fish.

The USS Cutlass (SS-478)[?] was a US Navy submarine named after the fish, built during World War II and later used by Taiwan.

CUTLASS is the acronym for the Co-operative UK Twin Auroral Sounding System[?], a research facility using radar used to study the ionosphere. See CUTLASS home page (http://ion.le.ac.uk/cutlass/cutlass).

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