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Country dance is a loose term for a variety of dance forms including the polka, schottische[?], polonaise, redowa[?], mazurka, two step[?], quadrille[?], minuet, cumbia[?], contradance, and galop[?].

Country dance overlaps with contemporary folk dance and with contemporary ballroom dance. Most country dances and ballroom dances originated from folk dances, with gradual refinement over the years.

Some specific forms of country dance, such as English Country Dance refer to specific folk dances. The term "country dance" first appeared in the 16th century, before all of the dances mentioned in the first paragraph existed.

The meanings of country music and country dance were once more intertwined than they are today. Contemporary country music has roots in the various forms of dance music that traditionally accompanied country dance, but is now mostly a separate concept.

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