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Cottian Alps

The chief peaks of the Cottian Alps, from the Col de l'Argentiere to the Mont Cenis and westwards to the Col du Galibier, are:
Monte Viso 3843 meters(12,609 feet)
Dents d'Ambin 3382 meters(11,096 feet)
Viso di Vallante 3672 meters(12,048 feet)
Mont d'Ambin 3377 meters(11,080 feet)
Aiguille de Scolette 3505 meters(11,500 feet)
Pointe de la Font Sancte 3370 meters(11,057 feet)
Aiguille de Chambeyron 3400 meters(11,155 feet)
Punta Ferrant 3364 meters(11,037 feet)
Grand Rubren 3396 meters(11,142 feet)
Visolotto 3353 meters(11,001 feet)
Bree de Chambeyron 3388 meters(11,116 feet)
Rochebrune 3324 meters(10,906 feet)
Rognosa d'Etache 3385 meters(11,106 feet)
Punta Sommeiller 3321 meters(10,896 feet)
Bric Froid 3310 meters(10,860 feet)
Tete des Toillies 3179 meters(10,430 feet)
Grand Glavza 3286 meters(10,781 feet)
Monte Granero 3170 meters(10,401 feet)
Rognosa di Sestrieres 3279 meters(10,758 feet)
Mont Chaberton 3135 meters(10,286 feet)
Panestrel 3253 meters(10,673 feet)
Tete de Moyse 3110 meters(10,204 feet)
Roche du Grand Galibier 3242 meters(10,637 feet)
Monte Meidassa 3105 meters(10,187 feet)
Peou Roc 3231 meters(10,601 feet)
Pelvo d'Elva 3064 meters(10,053 feet)
Pic du Pelvat 3218 meters(10,558 feet)
Mont Politri 3051 meters(10,009 feet)
Pointe Haute de Mary 3212 meters(10,539 feet)
Mont Nlbergian 3040 meters(9974 feet)
Pic du Thabor 3144 meters(10,316 feet)
Brio Bouchet 3003 meters(9853 feet)
Mont Thabor 3182 meters(10,440 feet)
Punta Cournour 2868 meters(9410 feet)
Pointe des Cerces 3180 meters(10,434 feet)

The chief passes of the Cottian Alps, from the Col de l'Argentiere to the Mont Cenis and westwards to the Col du Galibier, are:

Col Sommeiller (Bardonneche to Bramans), snow 2962 meters(9718 feet)
Col de la Traversette (Crissolo to Aliries), mainly bridle path beneath pass tunnel made in 1478-1480 2950 meters(9679 feet)
Col d'Ambin (Exilles to Bramans), snow 2854 meters(9364 feet)
Col de St Veran (Val Varaita to the Queyras Valley), foot path 2844 meters(9331 feet)
Col n'Etache (Bardonneche to Bramans), bridle path 2787 meters(9144 feet)
Col dell' Agnello (Val Varaita to the Queyras Valley), bridle path 2744 meters(9003 feet)
Col Girardin (Ubaye Valley to the Queyras Valley), bridle path 2699 meters(8855 feet)
Col de Sautron (Val Maira to Barcelonnette), bridle path 2689 meters(8823 feet)
Col de Longet (Ubaye Valley to Val Varaita), bridle path 2672 meters(8767 feet)
Col de Mary or de M iurin ( Ubaye Valley to Val Maira), bridle path 2654 meters(8708 feet)
Col d'Abries or de Prali (Perosa to Abries), bridle path 2650 meters(8695 feet)
Col de la Roue (Bardonneche to Modane), bridle path 2566 meters(8419 feet)
Col de Freius (same to same), carriage road, beneath which 0 meters(
Col de Clapier (Bramans to Susa), bridle path 2491 meters(8173 feet)
Col d'Izouard (Briancon to the Queyras Valley), carriage path 2388 meters(7835 feet)
Col de la Croix (Torre Pellice to Abries); bridle path 2309 meters(7576 feet)
Petit Mont Cenis (Bramans to the Mont Cenis Plateau), bridle path 2184 meters(7166 feet)
Col de Vars (Ubaye Valley to the Queyras Valley), carriage path 2115 meters(6939 feet)
Mont Cenis (Lanslebourg to Susa), carriage road 2101 meters(6893 feet)
Col de Sestrieres (Pignerol to Cesanne), carriage road 2021 meters(6631 feet)
Mont Genevre (Briancon to Cesanne), carriage road 1854 meters(6083 feet)
Col des Echelles de Planpipinet (Briangon to Bardonneche), partly carriage road 1760 meters(5774 feet)

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