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Discovered byVoyager 2
Discovered in1986
Orbital characteristics
Mean radius49,752 km
Orbital period0.33503d
Is a satellite ofUranus
Physical characteristics
Equatorial diameter40 km
Surface area km2
Mass4.5×1016 kg
Mean density1.3 g/cm3
Surface gravity0.0074 m/s2
Rotation period?
Axial tilt
Surface temp.
Atmospheric pressure0 kPa

Cordelia is the innermost moon of Uranus. Apart from its orbital radius and dimensions, virtually nothing is known about it. It takes its name from the youngest daughter of Lear in William Shakespeare's King Lear.

Cordelia acts as the inner shepherd satellite for Uranus' epsilon planetary ring. Cordelia's orbit is within Uranus' synchronous orbit radius, and is therefore slowly decaying due to tidal forces.

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