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Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey is the Spanish football's annual cup competition. It has been held in various guises since 1902. Barcelona have one the cup more times than any other Spanish side, with Athletic Bilbao close behind.

Its history can be split into eight epochs:

  • First cup from 1902 to 1907. From 1902 to 1904 it was called the Copa del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Second cup from 1908 to 1916.
  • Third cup from 1917 to 1928.
  • Fourth cup from 1929 to 1932.
  • Fifth cup from 1933 to 1945 (not held in 1937 and 1938 due to the Civil War).
  • Sixth cup from 1946 to 1953.
  • Seventh cup from 1954 to 1971.
  • Eighth cup from 1972 to current.
Copa del Rey Finals
Season Location Winner Runner-up Score
2003ElcheMallorca[?]Recreativo de Huelva3-0
2002MadridDeportivo la Coruña[?]Real Madrid2-1
2001SevillaReal ZaragozaCelta de Vigo3-1
2000ValenciaEspanyol[?]Atlético Madrid2-1
1999SevillaValenciaAtlético Madrid3-0
1998ValenciaFC BarcelonaMallorca[?]1-1 (penalties, 5-4)
1997MadridFC BarcelonaReal Betis[?]3-2
1996ZaragozaAtlético MadridFC Barcelona1-0
1995MadridDeportivo la Coruña[?]Valencia2-1
1994MadridReal ZaragozaCelta de Vigo0-0 (penalties)
1993ValenciaReal MadridReal Zaragoza2-0
1992MadridAtlético MadridReal Madrid2-0
1991MadridAtlético MadridMallorca[?]1-0
1990ValenciaFC BarcelonaReal Madrid2-0
1989MadridReal MadridReal Valladolid[?]1-0
1988MadridFC BarcelonaReal Sociedad1-0
1987ZaragozaReal SociedadAtlético Madrid2-2 (penalties)
1986MadridReal ZaragozaFC Barcelona1-0
1985MadridAtlético MadridAthletic Bilbao2-1
1984MadridAthletic BilbaoFC Barcelona1-0
1983ZaragozaFC BarcelonaReal Madrid2-1
1982ValladolidReal MadridSporting_de_Gijón2-1
1981MadridFC BarcelonaSporting de Gijón3-1
1980MadridReal MadridCastilla[?]6-1
1979MadridValenciaReal Madrid2-0
1978MadridFC BarcelonaLas Palmas3-1
1977MadridReal Betis[?]Athletic Bilbao2-2 (penalties)
1976MadridAtlético MadridReal Zaragoza1-0
1975MadridReal MadridAtletico Madrid[?]0-0 (penalties)
1974MadridReal MadridFC Barcelona4-0
1973MadridAthletic BilbaoCastellón2-0
1972MadridAtlético MadridValencia2-1
1971MadridFC BarcelonaValencia4-3
1970BarcelonaReal MadridValencia3-1
1969MadridAthletic BilbaoElche1-0
1968MadridFC BarcelonaReal Madrid1-0
1967MadridValenciaAthletic Bilbao2-1
1966MadridReal ZaragozaAth. Bilbao2-0
1965MadridAtlético MadridReal Zaragoza1-0
1964MadridReal ZaragozaAtletico Madrid[?]2-1
1963BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal Zaragoza3-1
1962MadridReal MadridSevilla FC2-1
1961MadridAtlético MadridReal Madrid3-2
1960MadridAtlético MadridReal Madrid3-1
1959MadridFC BarcelonaGranada4-1
1958MadridAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid2-0
1957BarcelonaFC BarcelonaEspanyol[?]1-0
1956MadridAthletic BilbaoAtlético Madrid2-1
1955MadridAthletic BilbaoSevilla1-0
1954MadridValenciaFC Barcelona3-0
1953MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao2-1
1952MadridFC BarcelonaValencia4-2
1951MadridFC BarcelonaReal Sociedad3-0
1950MadridAthletic BilbaoValladolid4-1
1949MadridValenciaAthletic Bilbao1-0
1948MadridSevillaCelta de Vigo4-1
1947La CoruñaReal MadridEspanyol[?]2-0
1946BarcelonaReal MadridValencia3-1
1945BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoValencia3-2
1944BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoValencia2-0
1943MadridAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid1-0
1942MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao4-3
1940MadridEspanyol[?]Real Madrid3-2
1939BarcelonaSevillaRácing Ferrol6-2
1936ValenciaReal MadridFC Barcelona2-1
1934BarcelonaReal MadridValencia2-1
1933BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid2-1
1932MadridAthletic BilbaoFC Barcelona1-0
1931MadridAthletic BilbaoReal Betis[?]3-1
1930BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid3-2
1929ValenciaEspanyol[?]Real Madrid2-1
1928SantanderFC BarcelonaReal Sociedad3-1
1927ZaragozaReal Unión[?]Arenas de Getxo1-0
1926ValenciaFC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid3-2
1925SevillaFC BarcelonaArenas de Getxo2-0
1924San SebastiánReal Unión[?]Real Madrid1-0
1923BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoEuropa de Barcelona1-0
1922Vigo[?]FC BarcelonaUnión C. Irún5-1
1921BilbaoAthletic BilbaoAtlético Madrid4-1
1920GijónFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao2-0
1919MadridArenas de GetxoFC Barcelona5-2
1918MadridReal Unión[?]Real Madrid2-0
1917BarcelonaReal MadridArenas de Getxo2-1
1916BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid4-0
1915IrúnAthletic BilbaoEspanyol[?]5-0
1914IrúnAthletic BilbaoEspaña2-1
1913 *BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal Sociedad2-1
1913MadridRácing de IrúnAthletic Bilbao1-0
1912BarcelonaFC BarcelonaGimnástica Madrid2-0
1911BilbaoAthletic BilbaoEspanyol[?]3-1
1910 *MadridFC BarcelonaEspañol Madrid3-2
1910San SebastiánAthletic BilbaoBasconia1-0
1909MadridClub Ciclista San SebastiánEspañol3-1
1908MadridReal MadridVigo Sporting2-1
1907MadridReal MadridVizcaya1-0
1906MadridReal MadridAthletic Bilbao4-1
1905MadridReal MadridAthletic Bilbao1-0
1904MadridAthletic BilbaoNo final
1903MadridAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid3-2
1902MadridVizcaya de BilbaoBarcelona2-1

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