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List of items for which possession is restricted

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Items of which possession may be illegal, depending on the variety and the country or the age or sex of the possessor

(you can be punished for having such an item, even though you have properly paid for it or made it yourself etc.)




  • Wild animals[?], especially in cities or without special training
  • Possibly dangerous domesticated animals, such as a pit bull
  • "Livestock" (as opposed to "pets") under many zoning plans and/or municipal codes
  • Numerous pets
  • Dead bodies, in most countries they have to be buried in dedicated areas
  • Graves unless they've been dug in graveyards
  • Protected species, especially birds of prey


Burglar tools:


  • Goods resulting from another crime, such as stolen goods or forged credentials.
  • Radar detectors[?]
  • Headlights with blue dots
  • Studded tires
  • Dyed gasoline[?]
  • Food stamps[?]
  • spray paint[?] - possession by minors is forbidden in some places to prevent graffiti
  • 1933 U.S. 20 dollar gold coin[?]
  • Too many vehicles (parked on premises, whether operational or not)
  • Too many residents in one dwelling (so, too many children)
  • Refrigerators with doors attached
  • Car keys while intoxicated
  • Home distilling apparatus
  • Ancient finds


  • There are often obligations related to possessions, such as paying taxes, and making sure they cause no danger or damage.
  • Even if a possession is legal, carrying it is not always allowed, e.g. alcohol within sight of a football pitch in England, and a weapon in many cases.
  • Plants taller than 8 inches in one's yard are not allowed in Elsmere, Delaware, (Newspaper articles) and grass and certain kinds of plants (termed "weeds") taller than that are proscribed by most municipal codes.

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