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Conflict are an anarcho-punk band originally based around Eltham in South London. Formed in 1981, the band's original line up consisted of: Colin Jerwood[?] (vocals), Paco[?] (drums), Big John (bass), Steve (guitars), Pauline (vocals), Paul aka 'Nihilistic Nobody' (visuals). Their first release was the ep "The House That Man Built" on Crass Records. By the time they released their debut album It's Time to See Who's Who on Corpus Christi Records[?], Pauline and Paul had left the band. Conflict later set up their own Mortarhate[?] label, which put out releases by other artists including Hagar the Womb[?], Icons of Filth[?], The Lost Cherees[?], Admit Your Shit[?] and others.

In 1983 Steve Ignorant, at the time a member of the band Crass, guested on the band's pro-animal rights single "To A Nation of Animal Lovers". After the dissolution of Crass, Ignorant later became second vocalist for Confict on a semi-permanent basis. This followed a 1986 gig in Brixton, London wherin he had joined the band on stage for a few numbers.

The band have always been outspoken regarding issues such as anarchism, animal rights, the anti-war movement[?] and in their support for the organisation Class War, and a number of their gigs during the 1980s were followed by riots and disturbances.

The band continue to exist today, although their record releases and live performances are sporadic.

Partial discography All released on the Mortarhate label unless otherwise stated

  • "The House That Man Build" (EP Crass Records, 1982, tracks; Conflict / I've Had Enough // Wargames / Blind Attack. Later re-released by Mortarhate Records)
  • It's Time to See Who's Who (LP, Corpus Christi Records, 1982, later re-released (partly re-recorded) by Mortarhate records)
  • "To a Nation of Animal Lovers" (EP Corpus Christi Records, 1983. Tracks: Berkshire Cunt // Whichever Way You Want It / Meat Still Means Murder)
  • "The Serenade Is Dead" (EP 1983. Tracks; The Serenade Is Dead // The Positive Junk / The System Maintains)
  • Increase the Pressure (LP, A-side studio, B-side live; 1984)
  • "Live at Centro Iberico[?]" (EP, 1984. Recorded 1982 at the Centro Iberico in [[London] Tracks; Kings & Punks / Meat Means Murder / Exploitation // Bullshit Broadcast / Vietnam Serenade / No Island of Dreams)
  • "This Is Not Enough - Stand Up And Fucking Fight" (Single, 1985)
  • "The Battle Continues" (single, 1985)
  • From Protest to Resistance (LP, 1986 a benefit for the 'Bust Fund')
  • Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI (Live LP, 1986 'New Army Records'
  • The Ungovernable Force (LP, 1986)
  • Against all Odds (LP, 1989)
  • "The Final Conflict" (12" single, 1988)
  • Turning Rebellion into Money (double live LP recorded in Brixton (w/Steve Ignorant from Crass), 1987)
  • Conclusion (LP, 1995)
  • "B.B.C.1" (Single, 1995)
  • Standard Issue 82-87 (compilation LP)

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