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Communications in Syria

Telephones - main lines in use: 930,000 (1995)

Telephones - mobile cellular: NA

Telephone system: fair system currently undergoing significant improvement and digital upgrades, including fiber-optic technology
domestic: coaxial cable and microwave radio relay network
international: satellite earth stations - 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) and 1 Intersputnik (Atlantic Ocean region); 1 submarine cable; coaxial cable and microwave radio relay to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey; participant in Medarabtel

Radio broadcast stations: AM 14, FM 2, shortwave 1 (1998)

Radios: 4.15 million (1997)

Television broadcast stations: 54 (of which 36 are low-power and repeater stations) (1997)

Televisions: 1.05 million (1997)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): NA

Country code (Top level domain): SY

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