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Kingdom Plantae (plants)
Division Magnoliophyta (flowers)
Class Liliopsida (monocotyledons)
Order Commelinales

The Commelinales are an order of monocots, including the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae[?]. Unfortunately the composition of the remainder of the group has been highly variable. Under Cronquist, the following additional families were recognized:

However, many more modern authors consider these families to have closer affinities to other groups, moving the Xyridaceae to the Eriocaulales and the others to the Bromeliales. In their place, a series of forms formerly classified in the Liliales have been realized to have closer affinities to the Commelinidae, and so are either grouped in the Commelinales or in a separate, possibly paraphyletic, order Philydrales. These families are as follows:

This variability in membership makes characterization of the Commelinales, beyond being the Commelinaceae and its close relatives, very difficult.

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