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Combat 18

Combat 18 (or C18) is a British neo-Nazi terrorist organisation formed in 1992 after meetings between British National Party and football hooligans such as the Chelsea Headhunters[?]. The '18' in their name is derived from the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, in other words the initials of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Combat 18 quickly gained a reputation following a number of violent acts targeted at immigrants and people from the political left. In 1993 Combat 18 published the magazine Redwatch[?], which, like Der Einblick[?], contained names and addresses of anti-racists, but also encouraged physical violence against those it listed.

During April 1999, a professed Combat 18 supporter, 22 year old David Copeland, carried out a bombing campaign aimed at the black, Asian and gay communities in London. On the 23rd April 1999 a bomb exploded in Brixton and another detonated a week later in Brick Lane, East London. On the 30th April a third bombing at the pub The Admiral Duncan in Soho, caused three fatalities and injured over a hundred others.

The White Wolves[?] are a C18 splinter group set up by Del O'Connor, who were initially believed to be linked to these attacks.

[1] (http://www.guardian.co.uk/bombs/Story/0,2763,204778,00).

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