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analogy with electrical charge

electrical charge -> color charge (sometimes color number)
electromagnetic force -> color force
charged particules -> quarks & gluons
exchange of photon -> exchange of gluons (difference: gluons are also 'color' charged)

description No physical relation with electromagnetic spectrum, just a name for a three-valued property

Introduced to allow three quarks to coexist and still satisfy the Pauli exclusion principle -> new quantum state.

color force => force which bind quarks together to forms hadrons, the strong nuclear force => sort of residual of the color force which bind baryons together.

Six kind: 'red, 'green', 'blue' & 'anti-red', 'anti-green' & 'anti-blue'

Hadrons = particules which contains quarks leptons = doesn't conatins quarks, so are always color-neutral

All observed particules are always color neutral.

when interacting, gluons & quarks must change of color resulting must be color neutral example: quark(red) -> quark(blue) + gluons(red, anti-blue). => conservation of color charge

Mathematic of color charge: SU(3)

Only 8 sort of gluons: ...

See also quarks, gluons, strong interaction & quantum chromodynamics

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