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Colossus (superhero)

Colossus is a fictional character, asuperhero in the fictional Marvel Universe, a member of the team known as the X-Men. His real name is Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin and he is originally from Russia, where he lived with his family on a collective farm. He had a brother, Mikhail and a sister, Illyana.

Colossus' mutation allows him to turn his skin to organic steel, which is virtually indestructable. Although he was always idealistic about the mission of the X-Men, when his sister died of the mutant Legacy Virus, his grief drove him to join their enemy, Magneto. Later, he realised his mistake and returned to the team, but he retained deep bitterness about the loss he had suffered throughout his life.

In order to release the cure for the Legacy Virus, created by Beast, into the atmosphere, Colossus injected himself with it, causing his mutant powers to flare and his body to disintegrate. However, his sacrifice rid all mutants of this plague.

In the movies he is played by Daniel Cudmore[?]. In the 1992 animated television series X-Men, the voice of Colossus was provided by Rick Bennett[?]. In the 2000 animated television series X-Men: Evolution, the voice of Colossus was provided by Michael Adamthwaite[?].


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