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Coats of Arms of Sweden

The Greater Coat of Arms of the Realm, or Stora Riksvapnet, and the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Realm, or Lilla Riksvapnet, are the official coats of arms of Sweden. The Coats of Arms and their use are regulated by Swedish Law, Act 1982:268.

The Greater Coat of Arms of the Realm

Greater Coat of Arms of the Realm

Use of Greater Coat of Arms is restricted to the King of Sweden, the Riksdag, the Government of Sweden, the Swedish legations abroad and the Swedish military authorities. The Greater Coat of Arms is also the personal Coat of Arms of the Monarch and as such he can decree its use as a personal Coat of Arms by other members of the Royal House, with the alterations and additions decided by the Monarch.

Blazon: "The greater state arms consist of a head shield azure, quartered by a cross or with outbent arms, and an inescutcheon containing the dynastic arms of the Royal House.

'In the first and fourth fields three coronets or, placed two above three. In the second and third fields three sinisterbendwise streams argent, crowned with an open crown or with armaments gules.'

The inescutcheon is party per pale the arms for the House of Vasa and the House of Bernadotte. The main shield is crowned by a royal crown and surrounded by the insignia of the Order of the Seraphim[?]. Supported by two lions regardant or crowned, with parted tails and armaments gules, standing on a postament. All surrounded by hermine mantling crowned with a royal crown and tied up with tasseladorned strings or."

The Lesser Coat of Arms

Lesser Coat of Arms of the Realm

The Lesser Coat of Arms can be used by the Government of Sweden and by its Agencies. As such it may be joined by insignias symbolising their activity, following approval by the State Board of Heraldry.

Blazon: "Azure, with three coronets or, ordered two above one". Crowned with a Royal Crown. The shield may also be surronded by the insignias of the Order of the Seraphim.

Any representation with 'three coronets, ordered two above one' are considered as the Lesser Coat of Arms, and as such use is restricted.

See also: Heraldry of Sweden[?], Flag of Sweden

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  • Act 1982:268 (http://rixlex.riksdagen.se/htbin/thw?%24%7BHTML%7D=SFST_LST&%24%7BOOHTML%7D=SFST_DOK&%24%7BSNHTML%7D=SFST_ERR&%24%7BMAXPAGE%7D=26&%24%7BTRIPSHOW%7D=format%3DTHW&%24%7BBASE%7D=SFST&%24%7BFREETEXT%7D=&BET=1982%3A268&RUB=&ORG=)

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