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In electronics, the circuit is the interconnect of electrical elements. See also printed circuit, integrated circuit, digital circuit.

In telecommunication, the term circuit has the following meanings:

  1. The complete path between two terminals over which one-way or two-way communications may be provided.
  2. An electronic path between two or more points, capable of providing a number of channels.
  3. A number of conductors connected together for the purpose of carrying an electrical current.
  4. An electronic closed-loop path among two or more points used for signal transfer.
  5. A number of electrical components, such as resistors, inductances, capacitors, transistors, and power sources connected together in one or more closed loops.

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C and from MIL-STD-188

In sport, the circuit means a closed, quite often circular racing track. Typical examples include various motor sports, cycling, running, skating etc.

Circuit is a political administrative division.

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