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Chinese film history

History of Chinese film has three separate threads of development:

Mainland China

  • early era (Shanghai, 1920s and 1930s or earlier)
  • Communist propaganda film making sponsored by government (1960s and 1970s)
  • recent era that incorporated many joint ventures and projects with international investment.

Hong Kong

  • Cantonese movies era (1950s and 60s),
  • Mandarin movies era (1960s on) -
  • The come-back of Cantonese movies - (1970s on) -
    • probably spearheaded by Sam Hui[?] with his comedies which brought Cantonese movies back in the spotlight.

During the 1990s, the Hong Kong film industry underwent a significant decline, exacerbated by the Asian economic crisis[?] which dried up traditional sources of film finance. Revenues generated by the Hong Kong motion picture industry halved during this period. In an effort to halt the decline of the local industry, the Hong Kong Government in April 2003 introduced a Film Guarantee Fund as an incentive to local banks to become involved in the motion picture industry. The guarantee operates to secure a percentage of monies loaned by banks to film production companies. The Fund has received a mixed reception from industry participants, and less than enthusiastic reception from financial institutions who perceive investment in local films as high risk ventures with little collateral. Film guarantee legal documents commissioned by the Hong Kong Government in late April 2003 are based on Canadian documents, which have limited relevance to the local industry.

Taiwan In the 1970s, the Taiwanese film industry was heavily influenced by the Mandarin movies produced in Hong Kong.

Another thread in Taiwanese movies was that of historical realistic tragedy which was typified by the film City of Sadness[?]. This genre of movie began to be popular in the late 1980s with the relaxation of martial law which allowed film makers to deal with previously politically taboo subjects such as the Japanese occupation and the relationship between local Taiwanese and the mainlander-dominated KMT government.

Some famous filmmakers for Chinese movies

Hong Kong

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