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Cheyenne language


The Cheyenne language is a Native American language spoken in present-day Wyoming, USA. It is part of the Algonquian language family. Like many Native American languages, it has complex agglutinative morphology.


Cheyenne phonology is not exceptionally complex. While there are only three basic vowels[?], they can be pronounced in three ways: high tone, low tone, and voiceless. It is also unclear whether orthographic ‘ts’ and ‘tš’ are separate phonemes or simply representations of /t/ + /s/ and /t/ + /S/ respectively.

  bilabial dental palatal velar glottal
stop p t   k ?
fricative v s S x h
nasal m n      

  front central back
non-low e   o
low   a  

Source: Cheyenne Language Web Site (http://www.geocities.com/cheyenne_language/index.htm)

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