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Chemical pathology

Chemical pathology (alternatively, for a narrower definition, Clinical Biochemistry[?])

This area of pathology is concerned with blood tests.

Tests that actually look at the cells of blood are usually grouped under Haematology. Blood clotting studies also come under Haematology.

All the chemical tests come under chemical pathology (usually performed on serum, the yellow watery part of blood that is left after cells are removed).

A large laboratory[?] will accept up to about 700 tests. Even the largest of laboratories rarely does all these these tests themselves and some need to be referred to other labs.

This large array of tests can be further sub-categorised into sub specialities of:

Common Chemical pathology tests are listed below

Sodium Potassium Chloride
Bicarbonate Urea Creatinine
Calcium Phosphate Albumin
Bilirubin AST ALT
GGT[?] Alkaline phosphatase[?] Magnesium
Osmolality[?] Urate[?] Iron
Transferin[?] Total protein[?] Globulins[?]
Glucose C-reactive protein[?] HbA1c[?]

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