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Charles Butch Watson

     Charles Butch Watson               

              Guitarist/Songwriter      Highlights>>>>>>

1. Parliament , guitarist, with Richard Boyce (Bass Guitar) Frankie Boyce(Guitar) Michael Lewis(Drums)Winkie Sykes,(percussion), Jo-Jo Boyce (vocals)...This group is from Butch’s hometown, Plainfield, New Jersey... Parliament/Funkadelic are in the Rock ’N Roll Hall of Fame...Also background chorus for 1996 Yokohama Bay Hall Show../(pulled from the audience by P-Funk Bassist Billy Nelson!!!)

2. Quazar, Guitarist, Songwriter, Arista Records, New York City

  1. 10 USA Soul R&B Charts..., this group was formed by former lead Parliament Funkadelic Lead Singer/Guitar Glen Goins(1978)Kevin Goins (Lead Vocals and guitar) Greg Fitts Keyboards /Shaidi Richard Banks> Keyboards/ Moochie Jackson>bass)Jeff Adams>(drums) Darryl Dixon>Saxophone"Darryl soloed on Bernie Worrell"s(Funkadelic's) #1 "FlashLight")and toured with the Sting/POLICE/GHOST In The MACHINE Tour), Monica Peters (trumpet), Darryl DeliBerto> (Percussion,) with Butch's brother, Master Guitarist, Harry Watson /(Guitar)/> Butch Watson (Guitar)&Co-writer of "Working On the Building", Parliament Funkadelic Drummer:>>Jerome" Big Foot" Brailey/ Never Forget the untouchable "Peachena"> Lead Vocalist

3. Catherine Lara, Lead Guitarist for album “ Coup De Feel”

          CBS France(1980)

4. Wilson Pickett,1982 guitarist, songwriter, Warner Brothers album

           “ I Need Someone”...  (guitar for live New York City shows at that time)... Butch co- wrote the song "Granny" with Wilson Pickett... Butch worked with Billy Bass Nelson (Parliament Funkadelic) bassist/vocalist/ songwriter on this project..Wilson Pickett is in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame/>... Richard Shaidi Banks>keyboards, Darryl Dixon(sax-piano-drums), Harry Watson (guitar) and Gary  "Silk" Wilson (vocals)>(Denver, Colorado) were all responsible for  the taking  off of this project.

5. David Byrne, ...(1982) Butch played guitar for Busta Jones/ David Bryne (leader of the Talking Heads)/ in New York City/Peppermint Lounge Show with Bernie Worrell(Parliament Funkadelic>Keyboards... Byrne later received a Grammy Award with Sakamoto Ryuichi for the sound track:“ The Last Emperor”

6. Talking Heads, Assistant Sound Engineer,(1983-84)(to Rick Coberly) for the “Speaking In Tongues/ Stop Making Sense” Tour...Top 10 Rock Charts...Warner Bros./ Talking Heads are in the Rock ’N Roll Hall of Fame

7. The Tom Tom Club..Assistant Sound Engineer/ (1983-1984)“ Stop Making Sense” Tour... Their song “Genius of Love” was #1 twice: The first time by the Tom Tom Club, the second time as “Fantasy”, by Mariah Carey

8. Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club Movie “Stop Making Sense” the Movie, Sound Supervisor/Assistant Sound Engineer... Los Angeles.(1983-1984).

9. Mtume {Em-tu-me}, keyboard programmer(DX7) for the album “ You Me and He”... CBS Sony...#1 USA Soul Charts

10. Dub U 5... Associate Producer for the Album “World Beat”/Reggae... Montreal,Quebec. Canada/ CEC Productions... World Records..

11. Every Little Thing { ELT } Tokyo<Japan, Background Chorus for 1999 TV Special AVEX TRAX... ELT has been a top 10 group the last five years in Japan

12. Amuro Namie(Japan's #1 vocalist (1993-2000)/>back ground vocalist- Music Assistant, 2000 TV Music Special/ Kohaku Utagassen>Musical Review... Tokyo, Japan...Song:"Respect The Power Of Love"

13. UK Audio Soul... Guitarist... Album: “Racing”... (1995) JVC Victor , Tokyo

14. Violent Femmes...Guitarist/Peppermint Lounge Show/Busta Jones/David Byrne, New York City...

15. Busta Jones...(Talking Heads Bass player)... Guitarist/Songwriter/Wrote song “ Loving You” on album “Busta Jones”... Polydor, NYC

16. Free Time, { Jae Yu Shi Kan}/ produced by friend & keyboards Yong-Jin Jeong/B .Watson>>Guitarist, Songwriter, for the Album “ The Beginning”... Seoul, Republic of South Korea[1992]

17. Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic Keyboards)>>>Butch played guitar for Bernie Worrell 'sGroup: "Bezerk"!!!!

18. Butch plays a white American Standard Fender Stratocaster/ Godin ACS Midi Guitar/ Charvel Jackson Model 6 Strat/ Aria Midi(PE MID II) These days Butch is heavily into guitar synth programming/ writing, and teaching

19. PHS/KSU /CU/ Boulder/Japan/09078129254

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