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A cemetery is a place (usually a closed area) in which dead bodies are brought to (usually with hearses) and buried. It classically refers to human bodies, but in recent times special cemeteries have been created for the dead bodies of animals (usually pets and horses).

It is a place in which the cult of the dead is celebrated, with different practices and rites across cultures and religions, but usually being a respected area in all societies and cultures.

It often includes churches or other religious buildings for some on-site celebrations.

A form of specialised Architecture has been developed in some areas for the tombs and the chapels.

The violation of a cemetery is considered a very disgusting crime in most cultures, and usually laws are very severe in the related punishments.

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Cemeteries in ancient ages

Many places have been found that ancient men used to bury dead people in. The could have the consistance of an organised necropolis or they could be simple areas with highly symbolic elements around (like in the Tomb of Giants[?] in Sardinia). The presence of symbolic elements has been indicated as one of the distinguishing characters of a cemetery, given that the monumental accessories had to recall together the dead person and the related (religious or cultural) rites, inviting to perform ceremonies. The same Egyptian pyramids were in the reality tombs.

Cemeteries for pets

Please, list and describe

Cemeteries and superstition

In many countries, cemeteries are object of superstition and urban legends; they are also improperly used (usually at night-time) for black-magic[?] ceremonies or similar clandestine happenings that are illegal in many countries.

Elephants' cemeteries

Elder elephants instinctively leave their group when they reach a certain age, and direct themselves toward an area in which all the old individuals go. They will die there alone, far from the group.

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