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Caudofoveata is a small class of the phylum mollusca, it is also known as Chaetodermomorpha. The class is often combined with Solenogastres[?] and termed Aplacophora[?]. The class first emerged in the Silurian era.

Caudofoveata are small (1-30 mm), primative deep sea molluscs. They are worm-like, lacking shells or distinct muscular feet instead having scales and calcareous spines for movement. They live by burrowing through soft sediment, they feed by lying vertically in the sediment with just the mouth-parts exposed and taking in passing organic detritus. The sexes are separate are produce eggs which are brooded and then have a free-swimming larval stage.

The class has three families - Chaetodermatidae, Limifossoridae and Prochaetodermatidae and some 70 known species.

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