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Canes Venatici

Canes Venatici

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GenitiveCanum Venaticorum
Meaning in Englishthe Hunting Dogs
Right ascension13 h
Visible to latitudeBetween 90° and -40°
On meridian9 p.m., May 20
 - Total
Ranked 38th
465 sq. deg.
Number of stars with
apparent magnitude < 3
Brightest star
 - Apparent magnitude
Cor Caroli
Meteor showers
Bordering constellations

Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs) is a small northern constellation that was introduced by Johannes Hevelius in the 17th century. It is supposed to represent the dogs Chara and Asterion held on a leash by Boötes.

Among the objects in Canes Venatici is the Whirlpool Galaxy[?], M51, a spiral galaxy that is seen face on. This was the first galaxy recognised as having a spiral structure, this structure being first observed by Lord Rosse[?] in 1845.

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