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The Clan Campbell is one of the largest Highland Clans. The four main branches of Clan Campbell are Argyll[?], Breadalbane[?], Loudoun[?] and Cawdor[?], there are many more septs[?].

Along with Clan Donald, Clan Campbell is one of the largest Highland Clans.

The Clan war cry is "Cruachan" from the mountain north of Loch Awe, overlooking the bulk of the Campbell lands in Argyll.

The Clan slogan is "Ne Obliviscaris", Latin for "Do Not Forget".

The Clan tartan is green, black and blue.

The current Chief of Clan Campbell is the 13th Duke of Argyll.

The Chiefs Gaelic title is "MacCailen Mor" meaning "Son of Colin the Great", referring to Cailein Mor of Lochawe who was killed in fighting with the Lord of Lornin 1294.

The origins of the Campbells are uncertain, it is claimed that the name is derived from the French de Campo Bello, there are a number of competing theories including the theory that the name is from the Gaelic cam beul meaning "curved mouth". The dispute over the name is part ofa wider disagreement on origins of the clan between those who point to a Britonic Celtic origin and those who claim Irish descent. The name is first mentioned in written records in the late 11th century, when Archibald Campbell was made lord of Lochawe, more certain records first mention the name in the 1230s.

The name was well established in Argyll at the end of the 13th century, as followers of the Earl of Lennox, with Campbells owning lands in Kintyre and the famous warrior Cailein Mor (Great Colin) knighted (1380) and established at Lochawe. The family of Colin went on to become firm supporters of Robert the Bruce and benefited from his successes with grants of lands, titles and good marriages.

The first Lord Campbell was created in 1445. It was from the 15th century that the Campbells came to take a increasingly prominent role, Colin Campbell was en-nobled as the Earl of Argyll in 1457 and later became Baron of Lorn and was also granted lands in Knapdale, signs that the Argylls were one of the major forces in Scotland. His son, Archibald, became the first Argyll to be appointed Lord of the Isles.

Argyll became the centre of the Clan and the castle of the Chief was established at Inverary Castle. Other Campbell lands were scattered across Angus, Ayrshire (Loudoun), Clackmannan (Argyll), Nairnshire (Cawdor) and Perthshire.

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