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Camille is the name of several films based on the 1852 novel and play La Dame aux camélias[?] by Alexandre Dumas, fils. The novel was also the basis for Giuseppe Verdi's opera La Traviata. Like the novel, the films tell the story of gay romance in Paris in the 1840s, and one young woman who wins the heart of a wealthy young man, but gives him up for his own good.

The first movie based on the work was a Danish silent film version in 1907 called Kameliadamen. Directed by Viggo Larsen[?], it stars Oda Alstrup[?], Larsen, Gustave Lund[?] and Robert Storm Petersen[?].

In 1910, a French language silent film was made, directed by André Calmettes[?] and Henri Pouctal[?]. It stars Sarah Bernhardt.

In 1915, an English language film, the first one to use the name Camille, was made. It was adapted by Frances Marion[?] and directed by Albert Capellani[?], and stars Clara Kimball Young[?], Paul Capellani[?], Lillian Cook[?] and Robert Cummings[?]. An Italian language film was also made in the same year, called La Signora delle camelie. It was directed by Baldassarre Negroni[?] and Gustavo Serena[?]. It stars Hesperia[?], Alberto Collo[?] and Ida Carloni Talli[?].

In 1917 an American film was made, adapted by Adrian Johnson[?] and directed by J. Gordon Edwards[?]. It stars Theda Bara, Alan Roscoe[?], Walter Law[?], Glen White[?], Alice Gale[?], Claire Whitney[?] and Richard Barthelmess.

A 1921 version was adapted by June Mathis[?] and directed by Ray C. Smallwood[?]. It stars Alla Nazimova[?] and Rudolph Valentino.

A 1925 Swedish film called Damen med kameliorna was adapted and directed by Olof Molander[?]. It stars Uno Henning[?] and Tora Teje[?].

A 1926 version was adapted by Fred De Gresac[?], George Marion Jr.[?], Olga Printzlau[?] and Chandler Sprague[?]. It was directed by Fred Niblo[?]. It stars Norma Talmadge[?] and Gilbert Roland[?]. There are no known copies of this film extant.

The first sound version was made in French in 1934, called La Dame aux camélias. It was adapted by Abel Gance[?] and directed by Gance and Fernand Rivers[?]. It stars Yvonne Printemps[?] and Pierre Fresnay[?].

Arguably the most famous version was the 1936 Hollywood version. It was adapted by Zoe Akins[?], Frances Marion[?] and James Hilton, and directed by George Cukor. It stars Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor[?] and Lionel Barrymore. The movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress (Greta Garbo). The movie inspired Milton Benjamin[?] to write and publish a song called "I'll Love Like Robert Taylor, Be My Greta Garbo".

A 1944 Spanish language version was produced in Mexico. It was adapted by Roberto Tasker[?] and directed by Gabriel Soria[?], and stars Lina Montes[?] and Emilio Tuero[?].

A 1953 French version called La Dame aux camélias was adapted by Bernard Natanson[?] and directed by Raymond Bernard[?]. It stars Gino Cervi[?], Micheline Presle[?] and Roland Alexandre[?].

A 1954 Mexican version, called Camelia was adapted by José Arenas[?], Edmundo Báez[?], Roberto Gavaldón[?] and Gregorio Walerstein[?]. It was directed by Gavaldón, and stars María Félix[?]. In the same year, La Mujer de las camelias, an Argentine version was adapted by Alexis de Arancibia[?] (as Wassen Eisen) and Ernesto Arancibia[?], and directed by Ernesto Arancibia. It stars Mona Maris[?].

In 1969, a drug-laced Italian language version called Camille 2000 was produced. It was adapted by Michael DeForrest[?] and directed by Radley Metzger[?]. It stars Danièle Gaubert[?] and Nino Castelnuovo[?].

A 1980 version, La Dame aux camélias, in French, was produced. It was adapted by Jean Aurenche[?], Enrico Medioli[?] and Vladimir Pozner[?], and directed by Mauro Bolognini[?]. It stars Carla Fracci[?].

In 1984 a version of Camille was produced for television. It was adapted by Blanche Hanalis[?] and directed by Desmond Davis[?]. It stars Greta Scacchi[?], Colin Firth, John Gielgud, Billie Whitelaw[?], Patrick Ryecart[?], Denholm Elliott and Ben Kingsley.

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