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Caliban (moon)

Discovered byBrett Gladman
Discovered inSeptember 6, 1997
Orbital characteristics
Semimajor axis7.1×106 km
Orbital period578d
Inclination137.6° (retrograde)
Is a satellite ofUranus
Physical characteristics
Mean radius~49 km
Mass7.3×1017 kg
Mean density1.5 g/cm3
Surface gravity0.02 m/s2
Rotation periodunknown
Axial tilt98.723°

Caliban is a moon of Uranus, named after a character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

Caliban was discovered on September 6 - September 7, 1997 by Brett Gladman, Phil Nicholson[?], Joseph Burns[?], and JJ Kavelaars[?] using the 200-inch Hale telescope[?]; they also discovered the moon Sycorax at the same time.

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