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Caelum (the chisel) is a minor southern constellation introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

Brightest stars:

name HD number right ascension declination apparent
α Cae HD 29875 4h 40m 33.6s −41° 51′ 50′′ 4.45F2 V 203.0
γ Cae HD 32831 5h 04m 24.3s −35° 29′ 00′′ 4.55K2 III 570.2
β Cae HD 29992 4h 42m 03.4s −37° 08′ 40′′ 5.05 F8 V 28 4.0
δ Cae HD 28873 4h 30m 50.1s −44° 57′ 13′′ 5.07 B3 V 217 −1.7

(This table is largely experimental. Don't mess about with it - use the Talk page if you want to discuss the format, etc. There should eventually be a page explaining the format of such tables. The absolute magnitudes probably need to be changed a little to take into account the improved distance estimates, especially for Beta Caeli. The HD numbers are provided mainly so that additional data can easily be found from the Hipparcos catalogue http://astro.estec.esa.nl/Hipparcos/HIPcatalogueSearch.)

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