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A broadsheet is a newspaper size, and a term applied to papers which use that format. Compare tabloid.

Broadsheet newspapers tend to be more "high-brow" than their tabloid counterparts, examining stories in more depth and tending to shun sensationalist celebrity stories. However, note that while this distinction is widely used, some tabloid papers (particularly The Daily Mail and The Express[?]) point out that the term "tabloid" strictly refers only to the paper size, and often use phrases such as "broadsheet quality in a tabloid format".

In the UK, there are four main daily broadsheets distributed nationwide, two generally on the right wing politically, and two more left wing:


The average circulation of the Times is around 650,000 and the Telegraph sells 970,000 copies daily, while the Guardian and Independent's circulations are more on the order of 375,000 and 200,000. The Financial Times sells over 400,000 copies, the Scotsman maybe 80,000 (All figures August 2002).

(We should probably mention something about the endless price/circulation wars. These have got quite vicious (particularly between the Times and the Telegraph) in recent years, with lots of sneaky tricks (eg putting free papers on trains) being employed to up circulation figures.)

(And of course, the rest of the world has newspapers too...)

See also List of newspapers.

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